Event 1 completed

  • 03-08-2023
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Event 1 completed

Our first JPL Mountain West National Premier Leagues event was amazing, over 4 days we welcomed 88 teams (playing 4 games each), and 1600+ players, and watched over 170 games of high-quality soccer.

This was the first step on the journey to win through to the National Premier Leagues Finals next July where our winning teams will face off against the winners from the other NPLs from across the country.

Thank you to our JPL team – Brandon, Rich, Sarah, Pamela, Rachel, Sam, James & Tash (from England and the USA) that organized the event, thank you to the Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City for the amazing facilities they provided, thank you to our referees that ensured every game was officiated, thank you to the coaches for the hard you put into developing your players, thank you to the parents for your support and lastly, but more importantly, thank you to the players for your hard work, dedication, effort and skill – you were awesome!

See you all in December at Legacy




Martin Brock, JPL Global CEO


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