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  • New Pre-Academy League Launched September 13th
  • Registration for JPL USA Tournaments will be open SOON!


We are a player development focused league, driving innovation and ensuring every player has a premier experience. We endeavour to be the worlds best provider of competitive opportunities for development and advancement in youth football.

1. Playing environment – we endeavour to create an environment where development comes first. Competition can be fun and players do enjoy winning but we focus our ethos on enabling players the chance to express themselves without fear of making mistakes and without fear of the result. The important thing is we educate the coaches and parents before the season and then throughout the season allow the players to freedom to develop.

2. Minimum game time rule – every player selected for a match day squad must play at least 50% of the game What does the JPL want to bring to Utah

3. Playing over 4 periods instead of the traditional 2 halves – this helps create a window for coaches to work with players to enhance their individual performance and means less shouting from the sidelines during the game

4. Coaching standards – all coaches working in the JPL must be fully qualified to ensure all players receive the best chance of reaching their individual potential.

5. Unrivalled player pathways – in the JPL 1 in 11 players progress into a English Professional academy. Many more progress into high level non professional football and college football.

6. By being player focused our retention rate for players staying within the game is 97%. This is because players being coached at a higher level means they develop further and therefore can remain in the game at the highest level possible

Our History

The Junior Premier League (JPL), in England, kicked off its first season in September 2011 with 32 teams from 12 different clubs. Fast forward 10 years and we are now the largest youth league in England with over 25,000 players kicking off for the 2021/22 season.

The original membership of the JPL consisted of a group of large clubs from the Midlands & Southern England who wanted to develop young footballers by inspiring high standards of coaching and high quality matches.

One of our core beliefs is that high standards of coaching allied with higher quality matches will create players with a love of the game and a desire to improve and develop.

The JPL is aimed at clubs who want to develop their players through this ethos – the JPL is not aimed at clubs and teams looking to place adult values over the needs of the players.

JPL Warriors was introduced in the summer of 2019, after 8 years of unparalleled success with JPL boys, the Football Association embraced our vision of starting our first dedicated girls league and from a small beginning of only 7 teams in the Under 16s age group, we will be looking to kick off next season as the largest girls league in England.

The ethos of the league is development before results and the needs of the players, with the primary objective to provide a season of quality, competitive football matches to every team and player within the league. The JPL USA is a culmination of 11 years worth of experience and planning that has gone into creating the most player driven league in the world.