Mountain West National Premier League

The Junior Premier League (JPL), England’s most successful youth soccer organization, has joined forces with US Club Soccer to launch a new travel league in the Mountain West Region.

The league has been granted the National Premier League status by US Club Soccer and will have a route to the National Finals for the 2023/24 season. For an example of what the National Premier League Finals are please click here

The NPL Finals is the annual, coveted destination for all NPL participants. U-13 through U-19 teams qualify through year-long competitions within their respective member leagues.

The Mountain West League will bring the highest quality competitive soccer teams together from Utah, Colorado, Idaho, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Nevada all competing for the chance to go to the NPL Finals.

Welcome to the JPL Mountain West National Premier League.

The 2024/25 season format is designed to provide a minimum of 8 – 10 meaningful games for all teams competing for a chance to qualify for the US Club National Finals where you will get to compete against the winners of every NPL from across the country.

 Each team will participate in two events, at which you will play 3 games each, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Additionally, a minimum of 2 – 4 local games are scheduled outside of the event setting to round out the minimum number of games needed. The number of qualifying games required will be determined by individual age group size. The local/same club match–ups will be avoided during events wherever possible to make the events more exciting for everyone attending by ensuring you play teams from outside of your state.

These divisions are playing through to a title and the winners from the U13s to U19s (in both boys and girls) receive direct pathways to the annual NPL postseason, in which teams have an opportunity to compete for National Premier Leagues championships, where qualifiers from all NPL member leagues throughout the country compete for National Premier Leagues titles.

To be a part of this National Premier League please click here to register your teams or for more details please email [email protected]

Plans have also been drafted to create a place for the best US teams to qualify to compete in the season-ending play-offs in England, featuring the very best teams in England and the Middle East as the JPL group expands across Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Oman.